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Freeway Eyewear

Karen Kilimnik in Freeway 405s in a taxi just leaving the Met

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Karen Kilimnik’s work examines the beauty, romance and glamour of our culture with equal-part starry-eyed wonderment and ¬†brutally honest aspirational longing. Her particular lens is both soft-focus and crystal-clear all at once. We’d like to spend a day seeing the world through her 405s, out her car window.

See more work at here

“me — I forgot the wire cutters getting the wire cutters from the car to break into stonehenge, 1982”

Water soluble oil on canvas, 1998

Listen to what John Waters had to say about this painting here

Thanks to Mariko Munro and Lisa Spellman for the fantastic photo of Karen

2 responses to “Karen Kilimnik in Freeway 405s in a taxi just leaving the Met”

  1. Albert Corin says:

    Your flexibility on this matter creates freedom for thinking out loud and enables everyone to share their opinion.

  2. melody says:

    I love the effect you put on the first picture, the 405’s are so cute

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