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Freeway Eyewear

Event Photos!

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Here at last, our favorite snaps from last week’s Freeway/Jerome event at Soho House West Hollywood. The sun set over Los Angeles and the Freeways came out to play…

Gillian Zinser wears Freeway 405s in glossy gray

Alex Israel (L.A. RAYS), Bee Shaffer (Freeway 105-coming soon!), Nathalie Love (Freeway 10), Emily Jerome and Rebecca Schwartz (Freeway 405)

Lucy Punch wears Freeway 405s in matte black

Freeway Eyewear Display

Gia Coppola wears Freeway 15s in glossy black

Charlie Smith wears L.A. RAYS by Freeway

Jaclyn Smith (Freeway 405) and Spencer Richmond (Freeway 15)

Abigail Spencer wears L.A. RAYS in matte white

Freeway Eyewear Display (L.A. RAYS in matte white)

Blair Redford wears glossy black L.A. RAYS

Laura Love wears Freeway 1s in glossy black

Natalia Bonifacci wears matte black Freeway 405s

Darien Zahedi (Freeway 1) and Nicole Simone (Freeway 15)

Allie Ruddy wears L.A. RAYS by Freeway in tortoise shell

DJ Myles Hendrik wears Freeway 134 in glossy black (coming soon!)

Io Bottoms wears Freeway 1 in glossy white

Billy Al Bengston (Freeway 110) and Wendy Al (Freeway 405)

Cheers! (Freeway 110)

All photos by Donato Sardella

With special thanks to our co-hosts Emily Jerome and Jessica Kantor, Ariana Delawari and Ashley Lent.

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